Thursday, January 31, 2013


My dining room table tends to double up as a home office, so when dinner consists of moving laptops, magazines, to-do lists, and odds-and-ends out of the way in time for food - it's time to expand. My goal in my intended home office? A way to incorporate my personality, but make it gender-neutral so my boyfriend can enjoy it as well. Wish me luck.

Metal Industrial Stool ($149.00) - West Elm, 15 Minute Hour Glass ($9.95) - CB2, TPS Mint File Cabinet ($159.00) - CB2, 'The Geek Next Door' Print ($25.00) - Jessica DurrantFormat Desk Accessories ($7.95 - $22.95) - CB2, Multiple Pencils Holder - ($48.00) - Anthropologie,  Go-Cart Bright Orange Desk ($149.00) - CB2, Dachsund Letter Holder ($32.00) - Anthropologie, Magnetic Stainless Steel Board ($32.00) - West Elm, Cloche Table Lamp ($69.95) - CB2, Square Lacquer Trays ($24.00) - West Elm

What room are you looking to add or remodel?

XO Jess

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