Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's November 1st and that's like a mini-holiday for me, I get to celebrate the first day of decorating for Thanksgiving! (And that eventually leads into my favorite holiday - Christmas - but we'll get into all that next month.) As much as I would love to decorate my place from ceiling to floor in holiday decor, that can be a strain on the wallet, especially when shops come out with new adorable items every year. To avoid your closets and storage overflowing with festive decorations, I try to stick to small, easy to store pieces that can go in any room and make you feel oh-so-festive!

Thanksgiving Print Poster ($15.00)Amanda Catherine Designs Etsy Shop

Terracotta Cast Cornucopia ($39.00) - West Elm

Laura Zindel Thanksgiving Dessert Plates ($6.00 on sale!) - West Elm

How are you decorating for this November?

XO Jess

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