Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Brides, get ready for your heart to skip a beat - it's the first ever Sarah Seven Chicago White Weekend Sample Sale! From Friday, November 27th, through Sunday, November 29th, you can get previous floor samples and discontinued gowns for 50 to 65% OFF. That's a good enough excuse for me to get a reception dress! 

To grab the dress of your dreams at a dream-worthy price, make an appointment by emailing chicago@sarahseven.com*.

*Please email about appointment, do not book online.


Monday, November 23, 2015


Few things I learned last night - I'm still in awe of JLO's bum, Bieber's music is so much better when you never hear him speak, and I'm going to miss One Direction more than I think I can handle.

So it's a good thing we have some fashion to discuss to take my mind off of that tragedy. Although I did switch back and forth from the Kardashians for a bit, I turned in for last night's American Music Awards, mostly to watch JLO dance and critic the looks. So let's move forward!


Selena Gomez: With a brand new album came a brand new Selena, and I'm loving all of the fashion she's been serving lately. Although she suffers from serious babyface (which is a good thing!), she always dresses mature, without being too sexy. Plus anything that's red and shines is usually okay with me 98% of the time.

Kendall Jenner: We will get to Kylie in a second, but let's focus on the taller sister for now. I love Kendall's little black number, paired with black heels and top-knot. I remember on an episode of KUWTK, Kris told Kendall that "bangs were her thing"... well, she lied, but even behind the tragic bangs, Kendall looks gorgeous.

Ashley Benson: Although this outfit is a little too serious for the occasion, Ashley looks stunning. The emerald color works perfectly with her hair and skin tone, and the ensemble is tailored to perfection.


Kylie Jenner: I know Tyga took her Ferrari in the breakup, but did he take half of her dress too? While I can admit to not always hating what Kylie wears, I just can't get behind this leather mess. Also, what's going on with her shoe straps?

Justin Bieber: Forever 21 swallowed a pop-star and threw up Bieber. I'd also bet my favorite pair of shoes he only knows the words to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Nonetheless, Sorry is my jam. #sorrynotsorry

Gwen Stefani: This is what happens when you start dating a country star who makes his own turtle soup. I could see this working way better if the sleeves weren't so wide, or maybe didn't exist at all. I also think her eye makeup is a bit too harsh.

Who were your favorites?

x Jill

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's crazy, but it's real... 2016 is upon us. In less than two months, we'll be celebrating the new year and tossing out last year's calendars and planners. 

You're probably thinking, it's 2016 - why the heck are you still using a paper planner?! There is no better satisfaction that physically crossing off something on your to-do list! Calendars are also a part of your office decor, just like that cute stapler or adorable picture frame. Don't get that boring black one - opt for a pretty design or artwork that screams out your name.

Do you have your 2016 calendar or planner yet?


Tuesday, November 17, 2015


What are two things that every girl can bond over (excluding champagne and shopping of course!)? Disney Princesses and Britney Spears. Our generation grew up loving Disney Princesses as children, to loving Britney Spears as we matured, but still always having enough room in our hearts for both. 

So graphic illustrator Isaiah K. Stephens meshed the two together for Cosmopolitan magazine, highlighting all of our favorite Disney women with all of our favorite pop star's iconic moments. And the result is just as glorious as it sounds.

Cinderella as "Baby One More Time"

Ariel as "Oops I Did it Again"

Tiana in THAT outfit we all remember!

You can check out the rest of them here.

Who was your favorite Disney Princess?

x Jill

Monday, November 16, 2015


It's that time of the year to start planning for the inevitable Secret Santas. Whether you'll be participating in a work one, friend's one, or your family's, we all play the game at some point. And as if shopping for people you know isn't hard enough, shopping when the receiver is unknown can seem like the worst type of holiday challenge. That's why we've rounded up 10 gifts - all under $20 - that make the perfect Secret Santa gift. The best part is, they're all gifts people would actually want.

Brass Hashtag ($19.00) - West Elm

Dashing Sants Bath Bomb ($5.25) - LUSH

Color-Drip Candle Set ($4.00) - Urban Outfitters

Nutcracker Appetizer Plates ($19.95) - Crate and Barrel

Mission Grove Face Mask ($16.00) - Anthropologie

PRIME Playing Cards ($12.00) - Art of Play

The 52 lists Project ($16.95) - Moorea Seal

Prisma Picture Frame ($14.95) - CB2

50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses ($15.00) - Warby Parker

Old School Gamer Bottle Opener ($11.95) - Zazzle

Jess & Jill
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