Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We've always lived by the rule that no matter your position in the work field, you should dress and carry yourself like you're the CEO. Well, author Lauren Berger is taking that to a whole other level.

Welcome to the Real World, written by intern turned founder/CEO of Intern Queen Lauren Berger, is the bible for every millennial trying to navigate their way in the professional world. Covering everything from emails, office attire, finances, time management, and more - it serves as your new best friend in the work place (just in book form). Some of our favorite content includes the importance of Twitter chats, networking in your every day life, and how to connect your passion and skills with your job. As a woman in your twenties, life is hard enough, so we love that Lauren is serving up a ton of beneficial advice to help young adults achieve their career goals. Can we get an "amen" for some girl power?

You can purchase Welcome to the Real World here, but today just might be your lucky day, because we're giving away one book! Enter below and make sure you follow us on Instagram for your chance to win. Increase your odds by following us on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest, and like Lauren Berger on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jess & Jill


We are so excited to introduce you (yes, you) to #bffchat!

Just like your favorite Twitter chats (#CBNChat, #Foodiechats, #CHIChat), we're giving you an hour hangout sesh with your newest BFFs... us! Join us every Wednesday night, from 7 to 8 PM CST for #bffchatIt's just like a fun sleepover, only we promise we won't prank the first person to fall asleep. You can find current and past topics below. And as a BFF tip, use TweetChat to make the tweeting easier!

04.23: We're talking 'bout hobbies!
04.16: #bffchat is back! What do you want to talk about tonight?
04.09: We'll be back next week!
04.02: #bffchat will be back next week!
03.26: There will be not #bffchat this week. Instead, hang out with us at Brides Bubbles + Bliss!
03.19: If there's one thing we can all bond over, it's our love of food. Come hungry!
03.12: We're taking the week off. Meet us next week - same time, same place!
03.05: With all these award shows happening, we're going to chat about TV and movies. See you then!
02.26: We're both going on big trips to warm places this weekend, so it feels just right to talk about vacations! We can all dream of warmer weather. See you tonight!
02.19: Tonight's #bffchat is about all things DIY!
02.12: We're talking love! The good and the bad. We'll be giving away a Rad + Refined Snow Cap, so you don't want to miss it!
02.05: We're getting to know each other and dish out on everything we love - from beauty to movies, music to food, and duh, boys. Tweet with us and you'll be entered to win a Rad + Refined Snow Cap or a $25 gift card to House of Gemmes!

See you there!

Jess & Jill

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Looking for an internship, job, or career in the fashion industry? You've come to the right place! Here you'll find everything in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Know of a new position? Have a business and need some help? Let us know in the comments!

Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs in Twentieth Century Fox’s “The Devil Wears Prada.”
Photo credit: Barry Wetcher via Cinemalogue

We will continuously update this, so keep checking back!

April 22nd, 2014
14th and Boom - Freelance SEO Content Writer - Chicago, IL
Akira - District Manager - Chicago, IL
Armani Collezioni - Shop Supervisor - Chicago, IL
Crate & Barrel - Merchandising Assistant - Chicago, IL
Emporio Armani - Sales Associate - Chicago, IL
Floor and Decor - Design Consultant - Arlington Heights, IL
Forever 21 - Regional Store Planner - Chicago, IL
Hill & Knowlton, Inc. - Public Relations Internship - Chicago, IL
jcpenney - Visual Specialist Job - Chicago, IL
Joe's Jeans - Manager - Rosemont, IL
Macy's - Assistant Visual Supervisor - Chicago, IL
Macy's - Visual Manager - Chicago, IL
Nordstrom - Cosmetic Retail Sales - Chicago, IL
Nordstrom - Retail Sales (Handbags) - Chicago, IL
Nordstrom - Seasonal Retail Cashier - Chicago, IL
Nordstrom - Wedding Stylist - Oakbrook, IL
Ralph Lauren - Alterations Coordinator - Chicago, IL
Ralph Lauren - Guest Services Coordinator - Chicago, IL
Saks Fifth Avenue - Sales Consultant - Chicago, IL
Saks Off 5th - Regional Visual Manager - Midwest
The Land of Nod - Visual Merchant - Chicago, IL
Tiffany & Co. - Assistant Store Manager - Skokie, IL
Tiffany & Co. - Sales Manager - Chicago, IL
Topshop - PT Jewelry Sales Advisor - Chicago, IL
Trumaker - Fashion Advisor - Chicago, IL
Ulta - Merchandise and Service Coordinator - Orland Park
University of Chicago - Social Media Manager - Chicago, IL
Urban Outfitters - Sales Associate - Oak Brook, IL
Urban Outfitters - Team Leader - Schauburg, IL
Williams-Sonoma Inc. - Associate Store Manager (Visual/Operations) - Oak Brook, IL


It's that time again! Click here for the latest openings in fashion, PR, and social media.

Jess & Jill

Monday, April 21, 2014


A really long time ago I bought this striped dress, waiting for the appropriate time to wear it. Due to my issues with hoarding, it found a place in the back of my closet, easily forgotten about through these Chicago winters. That was until it came time to pack for my Costa Rica trip.

We spent the last part of our trip in San Jose (more on that later) and my brother's girlfriend's family (who we stayed with) has the cutest houses with the most beautiful gardens. I could spend forever sitting outside with a cup of tea, in my floppy hat, which I feel should be the official attire for Costa Rica. And the extra added bonus was the trampoline they had in their backyard. 

Moral of the story? Despite what A&E says, hoarding can be helpful. Don't listen to everything you hear on television.

I'm wearing a Liquid dress, hat from Loehmann's, Kate Spade Saturday sunglasses, and Nine West sandals. Photos are by Adam Badlotto.

And for the most fun part of the whole day...

With yesterday's beautiful weather, let's hope I'll be able to pull this dress out again soon!

x Jill

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Happy Easter, everyone!

We hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday with your friends and family!

Photo via shopLAYOUTLINES.

Jess & Jill

Friday, April 18, 2014


If I told you my biggest beauty secret was a blue, plastic pot filled with water that I stuck up my nose, you'd probably think I was crazy.

Well, I am. But it works.

Genetics has so lovingly gifted me dark circles, and while coverup works wonders for what I can't change, I've learned that some of it is due to my allergies. You can always tell when I'm suffering from the weather or when my dog's shedding has gotten the best of me, by heavy darkness surrounding my eyes. My mom, who suffers from sinus issues, had introduced me to a Neti Pot to help. My first reaction... You want me to put that up my nose?!?!

If you're unfamiliar, you fill a Neti Pot with a packet of saline solution, add water (distilled is the best), and then shake it up. The spout goes to one nostril and you tilt your head, letting the water go from one nostril through the other, switching sides halfway through. After the first time I reluctantly tried it, I was instantly hooked. It's changed my life for the better and besides the fact that I can actually breathe (yay!) and don't deal with allergy headaches anymore (double yay!) it's significantly helped with my dark circles.

Sticking something up my nose that works on my health and beauty? I can get down with that.

via Health Unlimited.

Have you ever tried a Neti Pot?

x Jill

Thursday, April 17, 2014


We're not ashamed one bit to admit that when it comes to our favorite denim shirts, we're repeat outfit offenders. Unfortunately, with all that use, sometimes you have to retire your favorite pieces. Jess's shirt is looking a little rough, and Jill is mourning the loss of her favorite after it bit the dust. (R.I.P.) 

We're both on the hunt for new ones, and luckily, we found some good-looking contenders!

Do you have a favorite denim shirt?

Jess & Jill

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Yesterday, we shared the first part of our love affair with Bridal Spring 2015, and today we're closing things out with Part II. Check out more of our favorites (because what girl doesn't like to wedding dress shop?) below!

All photos via BRIDES.

Which dresses are you in love with?

Jess & Jill
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